Motivation: The Key to Your Fitness Success!

Want to know what the single most important component of your fitness success is?

It’s Motivation!!!

When you are motivated to train, you actually train. When you are motivated to eat well, you eat well. When you are motivated to go to the gym, you go to the gym.

It sounds simple. But you all know it isn’t…

Everyone becomes unmotivated at some point, some of us more frequently than others. It can be hard to push yourself up & out of bed to the gym when you are tired & sore or to force yourself to do a workout routine after a difficult day at work, but if fitness success is one of your goals, you need to.

A common saying goes “75 percent of success is just showing up”. The saying is  100% TRUE.

If you can force yourself to show up for the task, then you will do it. Of course it can be hard to do but it needs to be done. Motivation helps with this.

The quick tips below are a few of the best ways that I stay motivated to train & eat right on a daily basis. Use these tips yourself & you will find that staying motivated to sweat & work your muscles is a little bit easier.

1) Find a Partner

Find a Partner

Perhaps the best way that I know of to stay motivated to train is by working out with a partner. Having a date & time set to train with a friend will force you to show up. You will feel obligated to exercise. Plus, you’ll likely have a more enjoyable time training with a friend than by yourself. Just remember to cut out the talking :) after all, we are here to train!

2) Switch It Up

Switch It Up

Even though I love training at the gym (I’m a Personal Trainer!!!), I can’t help but admit it does get old sometimes. This is why it is so important to switch up your fitness routine every now & again. In addition to doing different exercises each day & each week, you should force yourself to do non-gym exercises at least once every two or three weeks. Ice skating, rock climbing, skiing, bicycling, basically anything that works as long as it keeps your body moving & gives you some much needed change.

3) Reward Yourself

Reward Yourself

It simply cannot be denied that for many people, training isn’t the most fun thing in the world. Even if you do like to work out, it can become hard to stay motivated after a while. Another effective motivation tip is to reward yourself after each workout. Now, I don’t mean to go out & eat a bucket of ice cream but a healthy post-workout snack like a nutritional smoothie or even a bite of your favorite chocolate (only a bite or two though!) can help make you feel like you really accomplished something.


There really are any number of ways that you can stay motivated to train & eat right. The three discussed above are a few of my very favourite. I’d also recommend working with a Personal Trainer & finding your ideal workout time.

A trainer is much like a friend. Having a schedule with them will make you feel obligated to exercise. Finding your ideal workout time means figuring out when it is easiest for you to get things done (morning versus evening).