Fitness Fact Fridays – 19th September 2014

Friday Fact:

‘The biggest nutrition mistake people make is eating too much too infrequently.’

The biggest nutrition mistake people make is eating too much too infrequently. You are far better off eating several smaller meals over the course of the day. This will keep you more full (preventing you from snacking later) & allow your body to burn off the calories more efficiently. It will also give you more sustained energy throughout the day. So rather than gorging yourself two or three times a day, attempt to eat six small meals or three normal meals with three snacks. Also: make sure they are healthy!

Fitness Fact Fridays

Friday Fact:

‘Your body continues to gain strength as you age.’


A lot of people question whether they should continue strength training as they grow older. But new studies show that both men & women can continue to gain strength well into their sixties (& beyond). The key is using exercises that promote recovery & don’t place to much strain on your muscles. So, what this means, is that no matter your age, you should be exercising if possible!

Fitness Fact Fridays – 15th August 2014

Friday Fact:

‘TRX Suspension Training is a full-body workout with only your bodyweight.’

It seems like we are constantly trying to come up with great new methods of getting into shape. However, we already have several time-tested methods right at our fingertips. Among these is TRX Suspension Training. TRX Suspension Training is basically bodyweight exercises while a part of your body is suspended. They are excellent full-body exercises that work all of your muscles while increasing stability, coordination, endurance, & agility at the same time. Try them out today for a killer workout that is sure to have you begging for more.

Fitness Fact Fridays – 22nd August 2014

Fact Friday:

‘Swimming doesn’t activate the afterburn effect, although it can still be a great workout.’

The Afterburn Effect is the process of throwing your body off of its natural rhythm with intense exercise, forcing it to work harder after the exercise is complete to get back to normal. In essence, this causes it to burn more calories even after the exercise is complete. Though there are a lot of great forms of exercise for activating the Afterburn Effect, swimming is not necessarily one of them. Because the Afterburn Effect has a lot to do with body temperature (raising it), swimming isn’t very efficient because your body temperature is regulated through the water. The other setback of swimming to burn calories is that it is harder to do sprints & really get your body working hard in the water. However, it is important to note that swimming is great exercise, it can help you lose some weight & build toned muscles. Its just not the best exercise for those that are looking to burn the most calories & fat possible.

Fitness Fact Fridays – 6th December 2013

FitnessPlus Fact:


‘Sleep is just as important as diet & exercise.’

Though we have talked about sleep before , we spend much more of our time discussing diet & exercise. But sleep is just as important as diet & exercise to your fitness success. The proper amount of sleep each night (between 7 & 9 hours for most adults, although some need as little as 6 hours & some need as many as 10) is essential to the proper function of both your mind & your body. Sleeping the right amount will keep you alert at work & throughout the day, increase your productivity, improve the effectiveness of your training, &, most importantly, make you a healthier person overall. Sleeping enough is one of the most essential things that you can do to keep your body healthy.

How  much sleep do you get each night? Is it enough for you? What could you do to get more?

Fitness Fact Fridays – 1st November 2013

FitnessPlus Fact:

‘For every pound of muscle that you gain, 50 more calories are burned each day.’

It is amazing how much more effective gaining muscle is than just losing weight. A lot of people in the gym are still more focused on dropping their weight than gaining muscle. But gaining muscle has many more long-term benefits. In fact, focusing your workout on building muscle will burn more calories in the process. Rather than focus on a cardio activity for your entire workout, you should include weight training too. Or better yet, throw the two together into a single exercise program like my Cardio Conditioning. With this, you will get the very best results. As is stated above, each pound of muscle that you gain, will burn 50 more calories on its own. You might gain a little weight as you gain muscle, but you will become thinner & leaner anyways. It will be healthy, lean muscle. You’ll still be burning fat.

Fitness Fact Fridays – 29th November 2013

FitnessPlus Fact:

‘L-Arginine converts into nitric oxide in the body, relaxing & opening the blood vessels for greater blood flow.’

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Many scientists refer to L-Arginine as the “miracle molecule” for how potent it is in the body. It is incredibly beneficial in a number of ways. First of all, it is converted into nitric oxide through the body processes. Nitric oxide then relaxes & more widely opens the blood vessels, creating improved blood flow. Improved blood flow then has the effects of maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, improving overall cardiovascular health, improving immune function, increasing muscle growth, promoting anti-aging hormones, & much more. Simply put, L-Arginine is amazing for your Health & Fitness.