Heart Healthy Exercise Tips

Heart disease is a serious risk for many adults. In fact this risk has become so prevalent that over the last decade, society, the fitness industry, has become more conscious of “heart health”. You can go into just about any grocery store and see a wide variety of food items that market directly to those individuals who are trying to improve their heart health. Additionally, many health and fitness organizations have targeted programs and equipment just for improving one’s heart health.

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If you are looking to improve your overall heart health, then check out the following heart healthy exercise tips:

Start Exercising

There are many reasons or excuses for not exercising or going to thy gym. However, if you are looking to improve your heart’s health, whether it’s for treatment of prevention, then you must eliminate the excuses because your life literally depends on it. Doing something as simple as walking around your neighbourhood can help to lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good cholesterol (HDL). The goal is to start out walking for at least 10 minutes per day and work your way up to at least 30 minutes per day.


Gym Membership

Joining a gym can provide numerous options for your new lifestyle of fitness and heart health. Most gyms offer a wide range of cardio machines, free weights, classes and more. Additionally, finding a workout partner can help you stay motivated to exercise.


Aerobic Exercise

In addition to walking, at a brisk pace, there are other aerobic (cardio) exercises that can help improve your heart’s health. Running, stairs, cycling, elliptical machine and others can help to get your heart rate up and improve your overall cardiovascular health. Aim to do at least 30 minutes per day of cardio. Taking a dance class like Zumba is a fun way to improve your cardio while learning how to dance. If you like cycling, a spin class is a perfect option for doing cardio.


Bodyweight Exercises

Performing bodyweight exercises like yoga, pilates, pushups, swimming and others, can help to improve your health. It helps to improve muscular conditioning and can even increase the heart rate, which improves the heart’s conditioning level. These are perfect exercises for those who can’t join a gym.



Weightlifting, or strength training, can improve your overall muscular health by improving stamina. An improved muscular stamina and strength, would translate into making daily tasks easier like carrying groceries, walking up an incline and it would also help to prevent age related diseases like osteoporosis. A stronger muscular system means your body won’t have to work as hard to perform daily tasks, which means your heart won’t have to work as hard.



Working on balancing exercises will help prevent potential falls and injuries. Yoga, bosu balls and swiss balls are common methods of balance training.



Stretching helps improve your flexibility, which is very important for your joints and range of motion. As you get older, you start losing flexibility and range of motion. It’s vital to stretch at least 2 days per week for a minimum of 10 minutes to maintain good flexibility as you get older. Some stretching techniques can even get the heart rate up and improve your heart health.


5 Great Fitness Motivation Quotes to Help You Accomplish Your Goals This Week

1. “If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.”


Persistency only gets you so far. Even the most persistent among us can hit walls. The key to reaching your fitness success is consistency. You need to consistently exercise & eat healthy each day, each week, each month, & each year to get the results you deserve. The most successful among us combine both persistency & consistency into a single package of awesomeness.

2. “Giving up on your goal because of one setback if like slashing your other three tires because you got one flat.”


Setbacks happen to the best of us. Even our heroes. Even those that seem the most successful. The key is to not let setbacks cause you to quit. Never give up on your goals. A setback is minor in the scheme of things, even when it feels major. Keep chugging along & you will get there.

3. “If you want to get fit, you have to give away only one thing: your excuses.”


Excuses don’t help anything. Yet it is very hard to let them go. It is a natural human reaction to make excuses for things that we find difficult. If you hope to get fit, then you have to give away your excuses. Hold yourself accountable. Only you can earn the body that you deserve.

4. “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”


Doubt can cause you to not even attempt something. When you don’t even attempt to accomplish a goal, there is no way you can ever achieve it. On the other hand, working towards a goal does not always guarantee success. But it does far more often than not ever trying. If you are going to fail, at least give it your very best shot.

5. “Anyone can work out for an hour, but to control what goes on your plate the other 23 hours…now, that’s hard work!”


I like this quote because it shows just how important nutrition is. Exercise can only get you so far. You need to control what you eat, for each & every meal, if you ever hope to achieve fitness success. Sure, it’s a mental game. Sure, you will slip up & cave in at some point. But look at the big picture, do your best, & focus on eating better every single day.

Simple & Easy Tips To Prevent Kidney Problems

Like most people out there, I’m sure you’re one of those people that wants to take active steps toward getting into great health. Most people out there want to prevent diseases like diabetes & alzheimer’s, while at the same time promoting good heart health. However when was the last time you even thought about taking corrective measures to keeping your kidneys in good health. If you can’t even remember then perhaps it’s time that you start to take some action.

You might not realise this but your kidneys are one of the most important organs you have. One of the main jobs they have is to filter about 200 quarts of blood every single day. The other job they have is to filter about 2 quarts of excess water & waste, all of which becomes urine down the line. Another little known duty that your kidney’s have is that they make some hormones, which regulate the chemicals that are in your blood. So obviously taking the steps to keeping your kidneys healthy just makes good sense. To help you out, I’ve put together a few tips that will help you get a head start. Implement them and you’ll be well on your way to keep your kidneys in remarkable health.


1) Drink a Ton of Pure, Filtered Water Everyday

This is the one tip that you’re going to want to implement because staying hydrated will ensure that the volume and concentration of your blood remain consistent. The other benefit is that it promotes good digestion, keeps your body temperature set and it also washes out the toxins from your body. To keep all these things in order you’re going to want to drink about 50ml for every 1lb of bodyweight. However if you happen to be a little more active and sweat a little more than normal then you’re going to want to increase the amount of water that you drink to about half your body weight in ounces. A good example is that if you happen to weigh 200 pounds then you should drink about 100 ounces of filtered water a day.

2) Don’t Hold it in…

Another job that your kidneys perform is to filter all the blood that’s flowing through your body. Once your blood is finished filtering, all the excess water and waste products are stored up in your bladder & it will eventually be excreted. However you need to remember that your bladder only holds in about 14 ounces of water which isn’t that much at all. If you prevent yourself from going to the bathroom then it will result in your bladder stretching out more than it should do. So when you do finally go to the bathroom & urinate, your bladder doesn’t actually empty out completely. If you keep doing this, then it will eventually lead to you getting a urinary tract infection.

3) Ensure You Start Drinking Fresh Juices

While juicing isn’t going to result in you getting into the best health & cure you of all your health issues, it will slowly but surely help to keep your kidneys working perfectly. Drinking fresh fruit & vegetable juice will result in your digestive system absorbing up all the excess water in your body & help to flush out all the excess toxins that have been lying about your body. But if you happen to be suffering from kidney stones then it’s going to be super important to avoid using the ingredients… spinach, collard greens & beets. The reason being is that these vegetables are extremely high in oxalic acid which actually cause kidney stones to form.


4) Start To Improve the Foods You Eat

Ensure that you start eating healthy all the time. You need to know that how well your body functions is all dependent upon the sorts of foods that you consume on a day to day basis. If the foods that you eat are really toxic & unhealthy then this will ultimately start to affect the condition of your bodily organs, especially your kidneys. This is why I believe it’s so important to make sure that you totally avoid consuming highly processed foods from now on. So what should you be eating? Well, your main focus should be to consume foods that are really great for your kidneys. These include things like watermelon, green tea, garlic, asparagus, fish & celery.

5) Start Taking All The Right Supplements

The first supplement that you’re going to want to take is cranberry extract because this will help to keep your bladder protected while at the same time keep your kidneys healthy. The reason why cranberries are so good for your kidneys is because they prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to the lining of your kidneys. Of course let’s not forget the fact that cranberries also reduce inflammation & pack a ton of antioxidants! To keep your kidneys as healthy as possible, I’d recommend that you start taking at least 400 mg of cranberry extract every single day. But be sure to double up the dose if you’re suffering from urinary tract infection. Another supplement that you’re going to want to take from now on is vitamin D. There is plenty of research out there that shows that lack of vitamin D & kidney problems are closely linked. You must work hard to take at least 2000 IU of vitamin D every single day. Did you know that your kidney’s were designed to last for your whole life. Taking care of them by implementing the tips that I shared in this article will mean that you will enjoy great health for as long as you live.

The Importance of Exercise in Your Daily Life

There are some things that the body needs. For instance, your body needs to receive the right nutrients either through food or supplementation. Your body also needs clothing to protect it from cold & heat. Your body also needs regular exercise. It may seem like a lot of work & may seem a chore to most people, but if you are serious about taking good care of your body, you need to know how important exercise is.

To some people it is a great hurdle but you have to know how important it is if you want to live a better life. The following are some important benefits that you can enjoy when you exercise regularly:

1) Stress reduction

Stress is a major problem in the modern world. When you are stressed you are unable to do all kinds of things. Stress derails you, puts you down, wastes your energy & discourages you form becoming more productive. One can be forced to deal with stress because of an emotional problem or a physical incapacity. Stress can bring about tension & exercise can relieve this.

2) Good health

Exercise, especially when it is done regularly is going to be very good for your health. When you exercise regularly, you build good heart capacity & you promote good blood circulation. Apart from that, it helps to build muscle, keeps you strong & gives you better skin. Exercise releases toxins from your body through sweat & promotes overall health. It keeps you strong enough to combat diseases.

3) Better body

Good exercise, especially one that is exerted on the right areas & with the right effort and capacity, should help to give you a good body. Most of the people who go through an exercise regime do so because they want to lose weight. By exercising properly, you can have the body you want & you can feel really good about yourself.

4) Fun & enjoyment

The truth is that exercising can be work when you look at it at first glance but then you will realise that exercise can be quite fun, especially since there are many great forms of exercise. You can go dancing, you can do martial arts, you can engage in sports & you can do all other things. Working out & exercising does not always have to be hard work & if you choose the right exercise program, you can enjoy all the above benefits & have good fun, at the same time.