Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors is a famous basket ball team and represents the eastern side of Canada on NBA games. National Basketball Association is always a great medium to showcase the best basketball talents of USA. At this point of time, the Toronto Raptors is in the top five lists of best basketball teams of NBA.

raptors-logoThe history of Toronto Raptors:

The Toronto Raptors joined the game of NBA in the year 1995. They were then representing the eastern side of the conference. They appeared in basketball along with their western rival, the Vancouver Grizzlies. At that time, they were the only faces of Canada in NBA. The starting was not that good for the Raptors as they did not have any marquee player by their side. But all the things were changed in the year 1998 when Raptors signed Vince Carter.

The era of Vince Carter:

Vince Carter was undoubtedly the best player of his time. He was playing in the position of guard-forward in Toronto Raptors. Carter did something which was still impossible for the team. He assisted the team to reach their first play-off in NBA championship. In the season 2000-2001, the Toronto raptors again qualified for the play-offs. They even reached the semi finals with the help of Vince Carter. But they got defeated by seven goals to the Philadelphia 76ers. It was surely an unforgettable journey for the raptors. The winning campaign ended soon in the season 2001-2002 when they got eliminated in the first round. They were trophy less for the next 4 years. The unhappy Vince Carter then left Toronto Raptors in the year 2004.

The time of Chris Bosh:

The time from 2001 to 2005 was really horrible for the Toronto Raptors team. After trading Carter, they signed Chris Bosh. He was the greatest centre-forward of the season 2005-06. But Toronto Raptors was still in misery as they got eliminated from the opening round of NBA championship in 2006. The same thing happened in the 2007-08 season. Chris Bosh was certainly not the lucky mascot for the Raptors. He also left the side in the year 2010 with a free agency trade.

Raptors’ sudden comeback:

The season 2013-2014 was undoubtedly the best for the team Toronto Raptors. This season saw the side stage a dramatic turnaround when they set a record of winning 48 games. They even won the cup for the second division title. It was a great day in the team history. They were the toppers of the 2014-2015 seasons and broke numerous records. But they again got eliminated in the opening round from the post season.

Some other information on Toronto Raptors:

When Raptors started their journey with basketball, they used to play in a different arena. But they now play at Canada force camp. The jersey of the raptors is always very popular among their supporters. They usually wear the throwback jersey of the Toronto huskies as they consider huskies as their predecessor.But they recently designed four new team jerseys in collaboration with NBA 2K16 sports agency. The colour of those jerseys is red and white which represent the colour of Canada’s national flag.

Toronto Raptors are playing really well lately and they recently defeated one team by a huge margin on NBA. We hope that you are now satisfied with our short overview on Toronto Raptors basket ball team of USA. Go and watch NBA and support Toronto Raptors this time.

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